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What Are Clean Alternative Fuels?

The U.S. Department of Energy has defined specific clean alternative fuels that can be easily incorporated into existing fleets, right away.  Matched with new energy-efficiency technologies, basic policies such as idle-reduction, driver training & incentives, fuel-conscious vehicle specification and route planning can give your fleet a “green profile” without a backbreaking investment.

Clean Fuels Consulting is a WBE/DBE Women Owned Business.

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Greening Your Fleet

What is greening the fleet? When did green become a verb? You may not know what it means…  Guess what? On top of everything else you’re responsible for, you’re now expected to be an expert on greening your fleet. The good news is that you can be that expert—with our help. We specialize in helping America’s fleet managers reduce their fuel costs, burn less gasoline and diesel fuel, and reduce their green­house gas emissions. Reducing America’s dependence on foreign oil, using less resources, creating less tailpipe pollution, or incorporating sustainable products into the fleet and shop environment—all these things make a green fleet.

Clean Fuels Consulting will help you select the element or elements that are right for your situation. Whether it’s basic tweaking or a full scale feasibility study that’s in order, Clean Fuels Consulting helps you optimize your fleet’s green profile.